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FINE AIRPORT PARKING is proud to introduce PARKPASS Powered by Sirit. PARKPASS offers our frequent customers a new, easier, and faster way to enter and exit our facility. Included with PARKPASS is a built in loyalty points system.

All that is needed to get started is:
1) FREE Sign-up (ask a cashier for the enrollment form)
2) Our staff will place a Sirit tag on your windshield.
3) The next time in, you’re ready to start parking quicker and easier!


As you pull into one of our entrance lanes the Sirit reader will identify your vehicle and open a ticket in our facility management software, thus allowing the gate arm to open. Park where you want *(see note) the Sirit tag will identify the area you parked and how long you have stayed with us. Once you return from your trip, retrieve your vehicle as you would normally and pull up to one of our four exit gates. The Sirit reader at the exit gate will identify your vehicle and close your ticket. As you exit, your outstanding parking fees will be charged automatically to your credit card and your loyalty points will be added to your account. When you get home or back to the office check your email, a receipt will be waiting for you.

*Note: PARKPASS is not available for access to the ECONOMY LOTS

FINE Frequent Parker Card (FPC) Conversion:

In order to maintain a seamless entry and exit procedure for all PARKPASS customers all loyalty points must be accounted for automatically during your entry and exit to accumulate correctly. Therefore, if you are holding one or more of the FINE frequent parker cards (paper cards) you will need to deliver by hand or by US postal services within 45 days of receiving your PARKPASS. Ideally when you sign up for PARKPASS hand in your cards, each punch on each old FINE (FPC) card/s is worth 87.5 points during the 45 day conversion period. If you need to mail in, please keep a photo copy of your old cards for your records, and then mail original cards to:

Fine Airport Parking
2010 N. Memorial Dr.
Tulsa, OK 74115
Attention Accounting Dept.

We in turn will send you a receipt acknowledging your total point conversion. Once your conversion has taken place or the 45 day time limit passes no other cards will be accepted for conversion. Please no exceptions.

Point Breakdown

For every one (1) dollar you spend you will receive one (1) point. Bank your points, when you’re ready to redeem see a cashier and choose the reward. Points cannot be redeemed for partial rewards. For example, if your point balance is 1250, you may not use your points for a reward worth more than 1250 points.

Points can be redeemed as follows: **
125 pts =           ONE DAY OF PARKING
250 pts =           FINE EXTERIOR WASH
450 pts =           FINE HAND WASH & VACUUM
1,250 pts =           STANDARD WASH & WAX
1,500 pts =           INTERIOR or EXTERIOR SILVER DETAIL
2,500 pts =           GOLD DETAIL PACKAGE
5,000 pts =           PLATINUM DETAIL PACKAGE

**You may redeem your points for multiple rewards on any given stay. For example, you may use 500 points for 4 days of parking and 450 points for a FINE Hand Wash & Vacuum, for a total deduction of 950 points from your account.
***PARKPASS is a mark owned by Fine Airport Parking and is not affiliated with the OTA

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