Inside Our Detail Shop

At Fine Auto Detailing, we understand what it takes to maintain or transform the appearance of your vehicle. We use only the highest quality equipment, chemicals and techniques to make certain your vehicle looks its best!

Our Equipment

The Rupes Random Orbital Polisher provides a seamless polishing experience that enhances a flawless finish for your vehicle. Using tools such as the Rupes Polisher, we produce a mirror finish that is free of swirls or residue marks. Rotary polishers often are too powerful, removing paint defects and leaving behind marks in the paint. We capitalize on the dual-action orbital technology that evenly distributes the polishing process and restores your shine.

The water used to wash and detail your vehicle is spot free! We filter all water to remove impurities, such as calcium and magnesium, in order to ensure a spot free finish. An added benefit of deionized water is that it promotes a better bond between our pH balanced shampoos and the dirt and grime on your vehicle!

Our pressure washer system has just enough power to gently rinse the accumulation of dirt and grime from your vehicle. The addition of hot water increases the cleaning capabilities of our system. Simply put, hot water cleans better than cold water!

Heated Pressure Washer Fine Airport Parking Detailing

Professional equipment produces professional results! Just like a polisher, this tool is one of the most important to a detailer. It shoots super heated water (210 degrees F) into the carpet and mats in order to break down dirt and grease. The water is then extracted immediately.
It actually removes the dirt and grime, as well as any chemicals used during the process.
The result is a much cleaner carpet! It also creates a healthier interior environment, due to the removal of dirt, bacteria and other allergens.

Hot Water Extractor Fine Airport Parking Carpet Detailing

At Fine Auto Detailing. we understand the importance of using a high quality, professional line of auto detailing chemicals and dressings. All chemicals used during the detailing process are pH balanced and designed to clean and protect specific materials.

The development of detailing clay is the most exciting advancement the auto reconditioning industry has seen in twenty years! Clay is designed to safely remove contaminates that bond to your vehicle’s paint system. This is done without harming your vehicle’s clearcoat and the end result is an impurity free, smooth paint finish.

The types of contaminates that bond to your vehicle’s paint system include:

Industrial Fallout: Metal particles (all vehicles have some level of fallout accumulation)
Rail and brake dust
Overspray: Results from vehicle being in close proximity to an object that is being painted.
Bug remains
Mineral deposits

All vehicles should be clayed a minimum of twice a year to maintain a healthy paint system.

detailing clay fine airport parking

Green: Used only on a vehicles paint system
Yellow: For interior only
Blue: Used only to clean glass
Black: For heavily soiled areas such as door jambs, wheel wells, exhaust tips and so on.

*After each use and in order to avoid cross contamination, our microfibers are stored in color coded laundry hampers and washed separately.