Fine Airport Parking offers outdoor parking options that will save you time and money. Our process is as simple as pulling into our main entrance and being guided to a parking spot by one of our shuttles. From there, our shuttle driver will assist you with any luggage and present you with a wallet sized locator slip that will help us find your car when you return.

When you return, let your shuttle driver know where you parked and hand them your locator slip. Head to the exit lanes where you can pay at the gate or inside our exit lobby. Don’t forget to grab some complimentary snacks on the way out!

Enjoy your trip and we’ll see you when you get back to Tulsa!

*All Tickets incur a one time 75¢ airport access fee. 


Simply pull into any entry gate from Memorial Drive.

Entry Instructions for Fine Airport Parking

Pull a ticket and the Greeter will instruct you which row to park in after driving
through the red flashing gate.

Step 2 How to Park Outdoors at Fine Airport Parking

Step 2.5 How to Park Outdoors at Fine

One of our shuttle drivers will guide you to the parking spot and pick you up at your vehicle and bring you to the airport.

How to Park Outdoors at Fine Airport Parking Step 3