Exiting the Fine Airport Parking lot is as simple as any other parking structure! You can pay by credit card at the gate or in the exit lobby. You can always stop in for a snack or beverage to go or even try your hand at the mini putting green or basketball hoop to earn free and discounted airport parking for your next visit!

Although we are sad to see you go, we hope to see you again soon!


Insert Fine Airport Parking Ticket with Printed Arrow Pointed at Slot.

Step 1 How to Exit the Facility

Insert and Remove Your Credit Card with Magnetic Strip on Bottom Right.

Step 2 Exiting the Facility

Push the Receipt Button (will light up green) if you would like a Receipt.

Step 3 Exiting the Facility

The reader will keep your ticket and spit out the Receipt here.

Step 4 Exiting the Facility

If you need to cancel the transaction at any time please press the Cancel button (will light up Red).

Step 5 Exiting the Facility

At any time you feel you need some assistance, simply hit the Information Button.

Step 6 Exiting the Facility